Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Rum and All That Jazz

Rum and All That Jazz

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Date: Friday, July 18, 2008

Time: 8:00 PM - 11:00 PM

Location: Historic Preservation Hall, 728 Rue Saint Peter

Celebration Distillation, North America’s oldest premium rum distillery and the maker of Old New Orleans Rum, will be hosting a night of music and cocktails at historic Preservation Hall. In New Orleans, cocktails and jazz have long been combined to make for memorable evenings. From the award-winning Iris restaurant, Alan Walter will be mixing the spirits of Old New Orleans Rum with the traditions of New Orleans jazz.. Like musicians the world round, Alan has been inspired by the music of New Orleans, and has used this inspiration to place a modern twist on the traditional cocktail. This pairing exemplifies the New Orleans tradition of borrowing from others and making it our own.

Tickets for this event are $60.00 with 50% of the ticket price going towards the Preservation Hall’s ‘RENEW our Music’ Fund. Please join us for a night of cool drinks and hot jazz in one of the most significant musical venues in the world.

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New Orleans News Ladder said...

Hey Ann Marie, I know you may not be connected but my writing studio before the storm was just around the corner from Michaeloplis' studio in the Marigny. I really like some of his NO Rums.
You so rock big dogs. I hung you onto today's Ladder. Hope you enjoy the spread, lifted with a few adjustments.
I will try to keep up regular ledes on y'all and get thicker as showtime draws nigh in July. This is why I live, so what ever you need let me know. We average about 50 hits/day on the low end with a great chunk of readers in New Orleans.
Please do keep me posted.

Thank you,
(Editilla:)~New Orleans News Ladder