Friday, December 19, 2008

10 Ways to Use Your Limited Edition, Way Awesome Old New Orleans Rum Bar Towel.

(If you're one of the lucky first 100 to register for the Crawl at Molly's)

1. Tomorrow when you're sweating out your Old New Orleans Rum at the gym, you're gonna need a towel to dab at your forehead, neck and other sweaty places. We'll be there for you.
*Hashers, this is great for you for that reason alone.

2. For those impromptu skinny-dipping sessions (especially in this loopy weather). We don't advise this after the crawl and please keep to your own pools and bathtubs.

3. Jazz Fest and Mardi Gras are coming up and you’re going to need your Old New Orleans Rum Bar Towel for a good many reasons, some possibly having to do with Porta-potty doors and wet grass. I’m just sayin’, we’ll come through in the clutch.

4. We would never suggest bringing Old New Orleans Rum in your vehicle, but an Old New Orleans Rum Bar Towel is a must when it comes to your car. Whether it’s changing the oil or filling up your tires with air, that grease begs to be rubbed off your fingers with one of our immaculately white yet incredibly awesome Old New Orleans Rum tagged Bar Towels.

5. Second Lines are a local spontaneous act of Follow The Leader. Be that Leader. Break out your “just-so-happened-to-be-on-hand” Old New Orleans Rum Bar Towel and lead away!

6. Use your Old New Orleans Rum Bar Towel to patch up that ole' hot air balloon you've been meaning to fly around the world in again after that last failed attempt that dropped you floating the Nile, where you found out the true meaning of a nasty mosquito.

7. I understand some of you will be men receiving these terry cloth works of art. Show the women in your life how cultured you truly are by framing your Old New Orleans Rum Bar Towel thing of beauty. Maybe give it to her for Valentines Day and remind her that you used it to clean up her not so attractive throw up the night you met.

8. College students, Old New Orleans Rum is looking out for your best interest (if you’re 21 years of age or older, of course). Let’s face it…everyone’s getting sick of wiping their hands off on their clothes after leaving your bathroom. Voila! A handcrafted Old New Orleans Rum Bar Towel that doubles as a hand towel! You’ll be the talk of the University with these puppies. Screw the bathroom scented candles.

9. What would Saints & Hornet games be without a rally towel? Bring your Old New Orleans Rum Bar Towel to cheer on the other celebrities of the Crescent City. Don’t let that pricey beer you bought in the Dome get warm! Use your Old New Orleans Rum Towel as a makeshift Coozie. McGuiver would be proud!

10. And, most obviously, clean your bar with it! If you don't have one, get one, stock it with Old New Orleans Rum, and then wipe it down with your coveted Limited Edition, “can’t-get-anywhere-else” Old New Orleans Rum Bar Towel.

If you have any awesome or witty uses for your Old New Orleans Rum Bar Towel, send them to and we’ll post them with your name!

Friday, December 5, 2008

Repeal Day: Restoring the Right To Drink Old New Orleans Rum

Hip hip hooray, for Repeal Day! Instead of pouring one out for all those who thirsted for a sip of spirit during the 13 years of Prohibition, shoot it back and thank those liquor lovers for their hard work in determination 75 years ago!

On Dec. 5, 1933, the 21st Amendment put a smack-down on the 18th Amendment, thus allowing us to enjoy our spirits today. If it weren't for this repeal, Old New Orleans Rum would still be a twinkle in James Michalopoulos' eye.

If you want to enjoy this evening right, like they did on that glorious day, you'll have yourself a Rum Runner, in honor of the most infamous (in our opinion awesome-est) rum runner, William McCoy, on the 21st hour to commemorate the amendment.

Enjoy. Drink Up. "Stay Wet!"

Till the next round,

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

'Tis The Spirit of The Season For Customers, Clients & Co-workers

This year you're going to be the one who's giving out the best presents. No more namby-pamby gift cards or kitschy mugs for those you will bestow gifts on this year. You're going to give them the best bottle of Rum they'll ever taste and they'll thank you for years to come. You're going to give them Old New Orleans Rum.

Click here to read more about our award-winning Rums. And who says you have to send a bottle to your friends? We won't tell if you give the gift of good taste to yourself.

You can purchase Old New Orleans Rum at any Rouse's, or if you're not from around these parts, is our online distributor. We also offer gift certificates for our fabulous tours given at the Distillery on Frenchmen as well as Old New Orleans Rum merchandise in our tasting room. Eat, drink Old New Orleans Rum and be merry this holiday season!

Till the next round,

*Gift wrapping and shipping prices separate from discount.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Weapon of Choice for Flash Mob: Old New Orleans Amber Rum

Old New Orleans Rum; the blunt object needed when fighting ninjas... Alas, our new found friend, Todd Perley, strikes me as more of a lover than a fighter, or if nothing else...a lush we're grateful for. ;) Instead of bringing a weapon to Pirates vs Ninjas Flash Mob on Halloween night, Perley armed himself with a bottle of Amber Rum. As the St. Louis Cathedral bells rang out announcing that it was exactly 5 o' clock in the afternoon, ninjas and pirates ran with reckless abandon into Jackson Square while Perley threw his cork into the crowd and swigged from his bottle. After two minutes of jabs, a series of coordinated kicks and karate chops and, in Perley's case, some generous swigs, all ninjas and pirates lay dead, strewn across the Square...

Seconds later, an air horn rang into the ears of the lifeless bodies of ninjas and pirates bringing their souls floating inches from their body back into their fleshy cages. Ninja and pirates went their seperate ways, till their souls beckoned for a good fight next year.

Perley and his fellow buccaneer, Paul Oswell, a journalist from London, are pictured above. Chee Wee, the orange cat, in the upper left corner has yet to confirm that we could use her/him in this photo.

Though Perley will not admit this to his crew of pirates, he's not really a big rum fan. But has let us know that Old New Orleans Rum is an exception to the rule. He also enjoys our 10-year brew.

"[It's] so complex and's reminiscent of a good single malt Scotch," Perley said in a recent exchange of emails (not many pirates have such a luxury as email so we're thankful for the compliment; a message in a bottle may have taken a little longer to receive.)

Check out the video, here! You can see Perley swigging away at 1:46 and Oswell is seen multiple times with the pink feather in his pink headwrap (yes, there is more than one pirate with a pink headwrap).

Till next round,

Monday, October 27, 2008

New Orleans 100 Mixer Location Announced

Not even Old New Orleans Rum knew where the New Orleans 100 Mixer would be held till today even though we're serving our famous Cajun Tea to the local innovators, social entrepreneurs and provocateurs bringing about positive change in a city that has basked in complacency for far too long.

Trumpet Group, a Petri dish for forward-thinking, will be hosting the New Orleans 100 Mixer and Old New Orleans Rum will be serving up their Cajun Tea along with other hospitable spirit handlers. So come toast the New Orleans 100 with us and over 300 of your soon-to-be closest friends, that is, if you're looking to join the movement. If not, get left behind.

Trumpet is located at
2803 St. Philip St.
New Orleans, LA 70119

Party's from 6 to 8, with Rebirth doing it up for the after party. Ah yeah.

Till the next round,

Friday, October 3, 2008

Old New Orleans Rum Distillery To Be Featured On ESPN’s Monday Night Football

Old New Orleans Rum & Saints Football: Is Heaven Better Than This?

Any fan of Old New Orleans Rum who has yet to go on the Distillery Tour or has been on it and would like to revel in the memories should be watching the New Orleans Saints vs Minnesota Vikings game on ESPN's Monday Night Football at 7pm ( or earlier if you are die-hard fan, which you are)!

For some of ya'll, I'm not twisting any arms but for all of our non-local fans keep the Channel Return button on the Saints game to catch a glimpse of the inner workings of the Old New Orleans Rum Distillery with Ben Gersh, our general manager and Chris Sule, our head distiller and creator of the ONO Cajun Spice Rum.

After you've seen the glory that is the Old New Olreans Rum Distillery, shoot us an email, comment, tweet, wall post, kudos, whatever letting us know that you saw it with some love for your favorite Rum!

Anxiously Awaiting Monday Night,

Thursday, October 2, 2008


What Alternative (Rock) Could Compare For This Weekend?

See, I understand what Rock is right... Indie?.. Hmmm... Let's ponder this. I know Indiana Jones was also called Indie in a few high action scenes by his comrades or companion. "Indie" could relate to Indians, I know Indians used rocks for various reasons; to create dyes or hold down their teepees... {perusing the Web as I type}.

Aah. Now I get it. Independent right?! K whatever it means, the NOLA Indie Rock Fest is a 3 day "not-for-the-faint-of-heart, hear-it-first-before-you-gotta-pay-a-fify, rock your socks off-kind of fest starting tonight that is definitely worth the minor Hamilton you gotta lay down for an all-weekend pass.

The line-up includes Theresa Andersson, The City Life, Antenna Inn, Rotary Downs, Glasgow!, Big Rock Candy Mountain, The Zydepunks, and other ridiculously awesome peeps, both local and a-sorta far.

Here is the schedule for interested parties:
Here's the full schedule:
Day 1 | Thursday, 10/2/08 | Howlin Wolf (907 S Peters) $2 Old New Orleans Rum Drinks
Theresa Andersson | The City Life | Big Blue Marble
Indie Dance After-Party with the Mod Dance Party DJs
Doors- 9:00pm | Show- 10:00pm
Day Passes for $5 at

$2 New Orleans Rum drinks

Day 2 | Friday, 10/3/08 | Republic (828 S Peters)
Rotary Downs | MyNameIsJohnMichael
Indie Dance After-Party with Throwback's Damion Yancy
Doors- 10:00pm | Show- 10:30pm
Day Passes for $5 at
$2 New Orleans Rum drinks, $2 High Life, $4 wells

Day 3 | Saturday, 10/4/08 | One Eyed Jacks (615 Toulouse)
Antenna Inn | The Revivalists | The Other Planets
Indie Dance After-Party with Jac Currie of Defend New Orleans and Action Action Reaction
Doors- 9:00pm | Show- 10:00pm
Day Passes for $5 available at the door

$5 Day-Pass | $10 Weekend-Pass | FREE sampler to all attendees | 18+ | Weekend passes available at the door tonight!
So get your out there and find out what Indie Rock is all about, ya heard?!

Till the next round of shots,

Wednesday, May 7, 2008


Schedule of Upcoming Events for Old New Orleans Rum!


Monday, May 12
English Turn Golf & Country Club

Registration begins at 11:00 a.m. and the tournament begins with a shotgun start at noon. Soft drinks and beer will be served during the tournament. Old New Orleans Rum will be serving Cajun Spiced Iced Tea @ a Featured Drink Tee. The day's festivities will end with a dinner and award ceremony at the English Turn Clubhouse ballroom, including prizes, gifts and raffles.

The tournament is limited to the first 36 foursomes to sign up. The cost is $250 per player or $1,000 for a foursome.

For more information on sponsoring and/or participating in the tournament, please contact Barbara Ballard at 504-738-7117, 504-400-7117 or


The Historic New Orleans Collection’s new series, Concerts in the Courtyard, celebrates the culture of New Orleans with live local music and cocktails in the French Quarter courtyard at 533 Royal Street . Friday, May 16, 2008 , 5:30–8:00 p.m.

Admission is $10; free for THNOC members.

May’s concert will feature the Washboard Chaz Trio and cocktails by Old New Orleans Rum. Though comfortable in all forms of our diverse American musical heritage, Washboard Chaz Leary has achieved dominance and international recognition in acoustic country blues. Chaz has shared the stage with Bonnie Raitt, John Hammond, Taj Mahal, Anders Osborne, and Corey Harris among others

For more information, call (504) 523-4662 or visit


For the third consecutive year, the MotherShip Foundation proudly presents the Mid-City Bayou Boogaloo Festival The Festival will again be held along the banks of Bayou St. John and North Jefferson Davis Parkway. All proceeds from Old New Orleans Rum drinks go to fund Bayou Boogaloo.


Old New Orleans Rum was featured in the March issue of Where Y’at Magazine

click image to read article.


Old New Orleans Rum is a proud member of the campaigns:


Yo Ho Ho and a few bottles of “Old New Orleans Rum”

Four Awards Received at 3rd Annual 2008 International Rum Festival Competition

Celebration Distillation announces its Old New Orleans Rum brands have won several medals at the 3rd Annual Polished Palate International Rum Festival. The Tasting Competition, which took place in Ybor City (Tampa), Florida on March 27 and 28, is the first and only such recognized competition for sugar cane-based spirits in the United States. A panel of spirits industry executives judged nearly 150 rums from internationally recognized brands including Mount Gay, Captain Morgan, Montecristo, Ron Barcelo and Tortuga, and proclaimed all flavors of Old New Orleans Rum as winners.

Judged on aroma, appearance, taste, mouthfeel and finish Old New Orleans Crystal Rum took a gold medal in the white rum category. Old New Orleans Amber Rum won a silver in the category of rums aged up to 8 years, Old New Orleans Cajun Spice Rum also achieved a silver medal in the spiced rum category, while the newest addition to the Celebration Distillation brand, Old New Orleans 10-Year Old Rum, won a bronze in the rum aged 9 to 15 years category.

“We are extremely proud that all four of our rums were honored at this year’s competition,” states James Michalopoulos, founder of Celebration Distillation. “It is a testament that perseverance and the search for excellence reap the best rewards, in this case international recognition for our craft.”

Old New Orleans Rum not only impresses the experts in the spirits industry, but it has also made an impact on its home town community. Dozens of restaurants offer Old New Orleans Rum behind the bar, as well as rum inspired dishes on the menu. When locals need a taste of “the spirit of New Orleans” they can visit one of over a hundred local restaurants and bars, from Cochon to Mandina’s to Etoile in Covington, from Famous Door to DBA to the Column’s Hotel, or stop by just about any grocery store in the city.

Roll out the barrels (of Rum)….

Roll out the barrels (of Rum)….

Old New Orleans Rum is proud to announce new distribution in three southern states this month. We can now be found at your local liquor stores in South Carolina, Florida, and Texas. If we are not in your local liquor store already, tell the managers who our distributor is and they can get our products for you ASAP. In South Carolina and Florida, Old New Orleans Rum is distributed by Republic/National. If you are looking for us in Texas (and I know a lot of you are) we are excited to be working with Global Quality Imports. Look for there to be tastings in the cities in the very near future as well.

Rum and All That Jazz

Rum and All That Jazz

Presented by

Tickets Now On Sale!

Date: Friday, July 18, 2008

Time: 8:00 PM - 11:00 PM

Location: Historic Preservation Hall, 728 Rue Saint Peter

Celebration Distillation, North America’s oldest premium rum distillery and the maker of Old New Orleans Rum, will be hosting a night of music and cocktails at historic Preservation Hall. In New Orleans, cocktails and jazz have long been combined to make for memorable evenings. From the award-winning Iris restaurant, Alan Walter will be mixing the spirits of Old New Orleans Rum with the traditions of New Orleans jazz.. Like musicians the world round, Alan has been inspired by the music of New Orleans, and has used this inspiration to place a modern twist on the traditional cocktail. This pairing exemplifies the New Orleans tradition of borrowing from others and making it our own.

Tickets for this event are $60.00 with 50% of the ticket price going towards the Preservation Hall’s ‘RENEW our Music’ Fund. Please join us for a night of cool drinks and hot jazz in one of the most significant musical venues in the world.

Now For sale ONLINE!!!

Old New Orleans Rum Now Available ONLINE!

ONO RUM is now sold online exclusively at

Click the image below to order!

Free Shipping on orders over $100.00

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Upcoming Events During Festival Season

Come Vist Our Exclusive Bar @ Preservation Hall 1-7 PM DAILY During FQ Feast. We will be feauturing our Specialty Drinks the Cajun Iced Tea, and our Tiki Punch!
Preservation Hall is located @ 726 St. Peter St.
We are the signature rum used in the offical strawberry daiquiris of the Strawberry Festival. We can be found at three different locations throughout the Fairground all weekend. Stop buy and have a taste of fresh daiquiris made with Lousiana strawberries and Old New Orleans Rum.
We will be doing a two hour tasting information and Q&A session at Bacchus Wines in Baton Rouge LA from 5-7 PM. Come meet the distillers and sample our award winning selections.
Old New Orleans Rum is the offical Rum of Pyratecon.
Our General Manager Ben Gersh will give a guest speaker lecture on Distilling Fine Rum. Here you will be able to hear how this tasty molasses's is made, conveniently located in the lecture room at the Holiday Inn! As an added bonus, you get to sample 3 types of their rum, and get to take home (or to your hotel room!) one of the 3 types of rum - all this for $20! There is limited seating so buy tickets to this special event early!
Traditionally held in early May, Chase Zoo-To-Do remains New Orleans’s premiere black tie benefit event. Audubon Zoo issplendidly elegant, offering a magical, moon-lit setting complete with nationally-recognized entertainment,breathtaking decorations, online and silent auction and Lexus Luxury Vehicle Raffle. The finest cuisine from one hundred local restaurants and featured libations from Old New Orleans Rum is a hallmark of Chase Zoo-To-Do.
Zoo-To-Do and Zoo-To-Do for Kids has generated over twenty million dollars in revenue to help build exhibits and fund improvements at Audubon Zoo. As of 2007, these projects include The Louisiana Swamp, Komodo Dragons, Jaguar Jungle, African Savanna, Animal Healthcare Center, Tropical Birds, Asian Domain, Gottesman Carousel, Jerome Glazer Audubon Tea Room and many more. During this time, Audubon Zoo has developed into and has consistently been rated as one of the top five zoos in the nation, offering incredible educational and recreational experiences for the entire family.
For the third consecutive year, the MotherShip Foundation proudly presents the Mid-City Bayou Boogaloo Festival The Festival will again be held along the banks of Bayou St. John and North Jefferson Davis Parkway.

Friday, January 25, 2008



Lucy's Retired Surfers Bar and Restaurant
Warehouse District - 701 Tchoupitoulas St. (504)523.8995
Serving 32oz Spiced Rum Hurricanes $10

Chris Owens Club
French Quarter - 500 Bourbon street (504) 523-6400
They will be serving Old New Orleans Rum Hurricanes and each night you will find The Distillers,and Brand Ambassadors on the Balcony throwing Free Cd's and merch off the balcony! Come by and see us!!!!!!

Fat Harry's
Parade Route - 4330 Saint Charles Ave (504) 895-9582.
They will be serving Old New Orleans Rum Hurricanes for $4.00 and our Distillers and Brand Ambasadors will be in and out giving away cd's and Merch! Come by have a drink and visit!

West Indie's Cafe
1600 Saint Charles Av. - (504) 571-2015 They Will be Serving $4.00 Old New Orleans Rum Hurricanes and this will be a Main Hub for out Distillers and Brand Ambassadors so come chat us up, get a drink and have a good time!

Juan's Flying Burrito
Midcity - 4724 S Carrollton Ave - (504) 486-9950 -
We will be running specials during the Mid City Parades. Be Sure to Check out their Mango Mojito Made with our Cajun Spiced Rum!

In Metairie we will be serving $4.00 Old New Orleans Rum Hurricanes at the following locations on the Parade Route.
Bennigans - 3434 Veterans Memorial Blvd - (504) 888-0664
Daiquiri Bay -1001 Veterans Memorial Blvd - (504) 838-2295
Hurricanes Sports Bar - 1414 Veterans Memorial Blvd - (504) 833-0050