Sunday, November 9, 2008

Weapon of Choice for Flash Mob: Old New Orleans Amber Rum

Old New Orleans Rum; the blunt object needed when fighting ninjas... Alas, our new found friend, Todd Perley, strikes me as more of a lover than a fighter, or if nothing else...a lush we're grateful for. ;) Instead of bringing a weapon to Pirates vs Ninjas Flash Mob on Halloween night, Perley armed himself with a bottle of Amber Rum. As the St. Louis Cathedral bells rang out announcing that it was exactly 5 o' clock in the afternoon, ninjas and pirates ran with reckless abandon into Jackson Square while Perley threw his cork into the crowd and swigged from his bottle. After two minutes of jabs, a series of coordinated kicks and karate chops and, in Perley's case, some generous swigs, all ninjas and pirates lay dead, strewn across the Square...

Seconds later, an air horn rang into the ears of the lifeless bodies of ninjas and pirates bringing their souls floating inches from their body back into their fleshy cages. Ninja and pirates went their seperate ways, till their souls beckoned for a good fight next year.

Perley and his fellow buccaneer, Paul Oswell, a journalist from London, are pictured above. Chee Wee, the orange cat, in the upper left corner has yet to confirm that we could use her/him in this photo.

Though Perley will not admit this to his crew of pirates, he's not really a big rum fan. But has let us know that Old New Orleans Rum is an exception to the rule. He also enjoys our 10-year brew.

"[It's] so complex and's reminiscent of a good single malt Scotch," Perley said in a recent exchange of emails (not many pirates have such a luxury as email so we're thankful for the compliment; a message in a bottle may have taken a little longer to receive.)

Check out the video, here! You can see Perley swigging away at 1:46 and Oswell is seen multiple times with the pink feather in his pink headwrap (yes, there is more than one pirate with a pink headwrap).

Till next round,

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